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Aventon eBikes

Looking for affordable and fast electric bikes? Check out Aventon Electric Bikes! With powerful motors and throttle functionality, these e-bikes provide an exhilarating ride. Find the best price on electric bikes. Visit our e-bike store to get your hands on a Aventon e-bike. Upgrade your cycling experience with Aventon Electric Bikes today!

Your Local Aventon eBike Dealer

Looking to test ride an Aventon ebike? Martins Bike Shop is your local Aventon Elite bike dealer. We stock nearly every model made, so come on over and try them out. Test Rides are FREE!

Just like all the other products we sell, we service and stand behind the Aventon ebikes. So if you should need parts or service we are here.

Professional Assembly Available

When you buy from Martins you have the choice to have us also assemble the ebike for you. This is highly recommended. We properly tune the gears, brakes, etc., and balance the battery for you.

Sinch, the Foldable eBike

Sinch is a great all around ebike. You have wide tires for extra stability on and off road. Easily folds for stowing in RV or boat. Folds down easily into a manageable shape that is easier to store and transport than a full size bicycle. Optional fenders and rear rack are available for the Sinch.

Best Class 2 eBikes

Want to ride without pedaling? That’s what we call a class 2 ebike. While newer technology like Giant’s Sync Drive have nearly eclipsed the need for a hand throttle, Aventon makes a solid well priced bike that you can ride with throttle only.

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Giant and Liv eBikes

Looking for a the smoothest easiest to ride ebike? You will want to check out Giant’s ebike lineup. More power on the hills with center drive. Automatic mode to make riding much simpler. Most Giant bikes are Class 1 which tend to be more readily accepted on bike trails. Get as little or as much exercise as you want with custom tunable assistance levels.

Quiet Kat Bikes

Checking out Sinch or Aventure but want something even better? Check out Quiet Kat. 750 to 1500 watt motors. Higher quality gears and brakes. These are the ultimate adventure bikes. Hunt, fish, camp, whatever you want. Take your gear along with the Quiet Kat two wheel trailer.