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Bike Racks

Take Your Bikes Along!

Easy to Load, Tray Type Racks. Kuat & Saris Brands. In Stock Now.

We Assemble and Install Bike Racks

We can assemble your new rack and show you how to install it onto your vehicle. We will help you load your bikes properly and give you tips for your specific vehicle and bikes.

A Rack for Every Situation:

  • eBike Racks
  • Use with Motor Home or Trailer
  • Racks with Ramp or Electric Lift
  • High Capacity 5 and 6 Bike Racks
  • Bikes with Fenders
  • Bikes with Step Through Frames
  • Racks that do not Require a Hitch
  • Roof Racks

Ask us, we can help you find the right rack. Download the Martins Vehicle Bicycle Racks Catalog.

eBike Bike Racks

eBikes weigh more than regular bikes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them along. Also a lot of eBikes have fenders which some racks do not handle very well. We sell racks that address both of those issues. A great example is our #1 Best Seller- the Kuat NV Base 2.0. If you need even more capacity, check out the QuietKat version of the American made 1Up Bike Rack.

RV Bike Racks

Of course, you want to take your bikes along camping; that makes perfect sense to us. The problem is that most bike racks are not designed to be used on the back of a motor home or travel trailer. There is extra movement and bounce on the back of these larger vehicles. We stock a whole selection of racks that can be used on the back of your RV. Swagman as a brand specializes in RV racks. You will also want to check out the Saris Super Clamp HD and the Kuat Transfer V2.

#1 Best Seller: Kuat NV Base 2.0

In our opinion you cannot get a more versatile, easy to use bike rack.

Top Features:

  1. Comes as a 2 bike rack expandable to 3 or 4 bike.
  2. Load eBikes up to 65 lbs. each.
  3. Tool-free install
  4. Fits 98% of bikes. Works with step-through frame, fenders, fat tire, and more.

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How to Get a Hitch Installed

Looking to get a hitch installed on your vehicle? Some of the most popular racks we sell require you to have a receiver hitch on the back of your vehicle. If your car did not come with a hitch, you can usually add one. We are the experts in bikes not cars. We recommend you check with your local auto repair person; they can help you get a hitch installed properly. Another local place that installs hitches is Little Stream Vehicle Accessories, in New Holland.