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Folding eBikes; Easy to Take Along

Simply stow in the back of your SUV or camper. Great for short to medium length rides. Fat and regular tire size available. Also great for those looking for a moped electric bike style.

Folding Electric Bikes

Fat Tire and Traditional Styles

  • Portability and Compactness: One of the biggest advantages of folding electric bicycles is their portability and compactness. These bikes are designed to fold down into a much smaller and more manageable size, making them easy to carry and store.
  • Multimodal Commuting: Folding electric bicycles offer great flexibility in commuting options. Since they can be easily folded, you can combine them with other modes of transportation, such as buses, trains, or even cars.
  • Electric Assistance: Folding electric bicycles are equipped with electric motors that provide assistance while pedaling. This electric assistance makes it easier to navigate hilly terrain or longer distances, as you can rely on the motor to provide extra power.

Seat Upgrade

Are you tired of aching during long rides? Upgrade to the most comfortable bike seat today and transform your riding experience! Try before you buy. With Martins’ Ultimate Bike Seat Tester, you will get the seat that is perfect for you. 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Upgrade to the most comfortable bike seat today and transform your riding experience! Don't settle for discomfort when you can enjoy the ultimate biking pleasure.

Pet Basket

Gear up for unforgettable moments with your furry companion! Discover the joy of cycling together as your beloved pet rides snugly in the basket, wind in their fur and tail wagging with excitement. From leisure rides through parks to thrilling trail escapades, taking your pet along on bike rides adds a whole new level of fun and companionship.

eBike Racks

eBikes weigh more than regular bikes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them along. Also a lot of eBikes have fenders which some racks do not handle very well. We sell racks that address both of those issues.

Trail Guides

We highlight a few of our local favorites on our Where to Ride page. We also sell a selection of printed trail guides. The Pennsylavania Rails-to-Trails guide is a great resource for finding local e-biking trails.

Non-Folding Moped Electric Bikes

$1,999.99 - $3,899.99

Free Test Ride

When you visit Martins Bike & Fitness, you can test ride an ebike and get a feel for how it handles, how comfortable it is, and how it fits you. We feel this is a very important step. We have a test ride path so you can get the real feel of how it will be to ride this bike. You can also contact us to sign up for an extended local test ride.

Shop by Brand

Martins Bike has been selling and servicing ebikes for over 45 years. We stick to reputable brands that we can service and support. See our Electric Bike Brands page to shop by brand.

See our FAQ Page

Still have questions? Should I get a Class 1 or Class 2 ebike? Where can I ride an electric bike? What about Lithium Batteries? Review our FAQ page to get answers now.

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