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Commercial Fitness

Here is a selection of our most popular commercial fitness equipment items. We have many other custom and specialty options available. See Gym Fitness Equipment page for more details and to contact our Commercial sales team.

Looking to set up your own private gym in your home? Check out our selection of Home Fitness Equipment.

TuffStuff Fitness International SXT-550 Hybrid Home Gym
$5,199.99 $6,099.99 15% Off
TuffStuff’s Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) combines popular functional training with a traditional arm press and leg station, offering the best of both worlds. With six preset pulleys in three separate training zones (high, mid, and low), the hybrid home gym is fully adjustable. The SXT-550 comes equipped with a 200 pound center-drilled steel weight stack, and may be upgraded to include TuffStuff’s (SXT-LP) leg press attachment. - Space efficient forward-facing design - Six (6) preset pulleys in three separate training zones - Adjustable seat height and telescopic seat back pad adjustment - Combination seated leg extension/ seated leg curl station - Unique cable ratio for enhanced cable travel - Unique “Radius” frame design - 200 lb center-drilled steel weight stack - Extended cable travel; Resistance at handle is approx 1/4 of the weight selected - Full length protective steel weight shields - Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty - Optional: Leg Press Attachment SXT-LP The resistance at each station is set to accommodate that particular workout, reducing the need to change weight between workouts. (Example: Leg press is approximately double the stack weight, while functional training handles are about a quarter at each handle.)
True Fitness Traverse Lateral Trainer w/Emerge
$4,699.99 $5,999.99 22% Off
With unique programming features, such as the Cardio 360 workout, users will activate more muscle groups than on other cardio machines. The TRUE Traverse provides smooth motion for a better workout in less time. With the side-to-side motion of the TRUE Traverse, users will get a workout like no other — sculpting your core and lower body. The Traverse Lateral Trainer offers unique side-to-side movement that gives the user a workout that sculpts the core and lower body. Cardio 360™ programming provides users with a guided interval-style workout. The TRUE Traverse is manufactured with the same high quality and craftsmanship that TRUE has been known for in the fitness industry for over thirty-four years. Experience high-intensity training on the TRUE Traverse. Made by Helix
Matrix Fitness Rower 02
$2,299.99 $2,389.99 4% Off
Full commercial rated. Magnetic resistance system is super quiet and silky smooth. This ergometer provides the finest rowing experience out of the water. Has the widest range of resistance adjustment of any rower we’ve tested.
Octane Fitness Octane RO Rower
$1,699.99 $2,199.99 23% Off
Dual resistance – fan & magnetic brake Quick-release foot strap MultiGrip handlebar Self-Powered Console Oversized handlebar catch
TuffStuff Fitness International Evolution Half cage CHR-500
$1,649.99 $2,059.99 20% Off
The TuffStuff Evolution Half Cage (CHR-500) is a heavy weight rack system with a 7-degree slant to support more natural body movements. Numerous built-in features include a chinning bar, dip handles, and integrated weight plate and Olympic bar storage. Additionally, the spring loaded / swing lock J-Hooks (Pat. Pend.) allow for easy adjustments to the Olympic bar height, while the integrated safety stoppers offer adjustable protection. 7º slant design for easier loading and unloading Integrated safety stoppers Integrated storage for Olympic bar and weight plates Patent-pending J Hooks: to adjust the position of the Olympic bar Built-in chinning bar and dip handles Maximum weight: 600 lbs / 272 kgs Home Lifetime Warranty and Light Commercial Warranty
TuffStuff Fitness International COB-400 Olympic Bench w/Safety Stoppers
$999.99 $1,279.99 22% Off
Known for quality and durability, TuffStuff’s Evolution Olympic Bench (COB-400) is a heavyweight flat press bench with a built-in triple gun rack to allow multiple racking height options. The adjustable safety stoppers can easily be positioned to allow a full range of motion. Designed to support a maximum weight of 800 lbs / 363 kgs. Triple gun rack allows multiple racking height options Adjustable safety stoppers enable a full range of motion 11-gauge welded construction with premium grade naugahyde upholstery Optional accessories: olympic bar and weight plates sold separately Home Lifetime Warranty and Light Commercial Warranty
TuffStuff Fitness International Evolution 2-Tier Tray Dumbbell / Kettlebell Rack
$649.99 - $809.98 $849.99 - $1,009.98 24% Off
The TuffStuff Evolution 2-Tier Dumbbell / Kettlebell Rack (CDR-300) is essential to keep your free weights safe and orderly. The universal tray-style design easily converts from angled to flat position to hold most standard dumbbells, hex dumbbells, and kettle bells (tray depth 12”). Add a third tray to your dumbbell / kettlebell rack with TuffStuff’s optional CDR-300E (tray depth 16”). *Universal tray-style weight rack fits most dumbbells and kettlebells *Tray-style easily converts from angled to flat position *Optional add-on third tray CDR-300E (Shown MSRP+ $289)
TuffStuff Fitness International CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench
$799.99 $989.99 19% Off
Highly adjustable, the TuffStuff Evolution Multi-Purpose Bench (CMB-375) adjusts from a decline to full upright position. The multi-purpose bench includes leg hold down support, and independent seat adjustments. A built-in handle and wheels make it easy to move, or store it when not in use. 7 positions: adjusts from decline to full upright position Independent seat adjustment Includes leg hold down support Tested weight load capacity of 600 lbs Bench height (flat position): 19-1/2” Built-in handles and wheels for easy transport Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty Optional Preacher Curl (CPA-316) MSRP: $275 Optional Leg Developer Attachment (CLC-385) MSRP: $309 Optional Accessory Storage Rack (CAS-600) MSRP: $249
Martins Bike & Fitness Physio Trainer
The most affordable of any Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometers available in the marketplace, the PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional UBE features heavy construction and unique design make it a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting. The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer (UBE) is designed to be used on either a table top or on the floor as a leg exerciser. The manufacturing process includes a fully welded steel frame, industrial rust-resistant paint and a crack resistant commercial grade shroud. The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer is the first high-quality UBE available at this price, an all around best value! The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer (UBE) has an easy to read display that is self-powered. The display panel has a tilt feature that allows the user to clearly see the readouts whether the unit is being used on a tabletop or on the floor as a leg exerciser. The display shows your current speed (mph or kph), distance, calories burned, elapsed time and scan mode.
TuffStuff Fitness International Evolution Flat/Incline Ladder Bench
$599.99 $729.99 18% Off
The TuffStuff Evolution Flat / Incline Ladder Bench features seven different back support angles that range from flat to a full upright position, providing users with greater flexibility and versatility for their workouts. With quick and easy gun-rack style back support and seat adjustments, there’s no need to fuss with pull-pins or knobs. And the independent seat pad adjustments provide enhanced comfort, and enable the bench to suit users of different heights. Seven position multi angle bench Independent seat adjustments Adjusts from flat to full upright position Built-in handles and wheels for easy transport Weight capacity: 600 lb. Bench height (flat position): 17-3/8”
Landice L10 Club Treadmill
The L10 is our newest treadmill specifically designed for demanding club environments, but will be perfect in virtually any commercial location. With its 5-horspower AC drive*, the L10 is the perfect complement to any commercial setting. Its sleek design and durable construction are trademark elements to Landice’s engineering heritage, making it the machine you can depend upon.
Landice L7 Club Treadmill L790
Designed specifically for high-volume usage in health club settings, the L7 Club Treadmill is ideal for walkers, joggers, and serious runners alike in any setting from condos to schools to police and fire stations and more. It offers a 20” x 58” running surface, 2 ½” steel rollers, and 400 pound user weight capacity.
Landice L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill
Made with the finest quality care and materials that is the mark of Landice, the L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill (RTM) provides the best and safest support for all your rehabilitative programs. The L8 offers a large 22” x 63” surface and a 500-pound user weight capacity. The L8 RTM is intended for environments where usage is less than five hours per day in a “non-pay-for-membership” facility.
Martins Bike & Fitness T4r NuStep Recumbent Elliptical
With its small footprint, our entry level cross trainer model is the most popular choice for home users. Easy to access and easy to use, T4r empowers users of virtually any fitness level to experience the many life-transforming benefits of exercise.
Octane Fitness 310 Pro Classic Base W/Console Elliptical
With the Octane Pro310 standing elliptical, expect great features and programs all packed into a space-efficient package for quiet, safe operation. Octane Fitness standing ellipticals give exercisers the ability to challenge themselves with intense workouts, yet still feel good both during and after their routines. Space-saving design Long-lasting, superior performance Advanced biomechanics MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars Workout Boosters
Octane Fitness ADX Fan Bike
Building on Octane’s long heritage of innovation and performance, the ADX commercial fan bike boasts Octane’s trademark durability, with heavy-duty construction and a moisture-repellent frame. 26-Blade Performance Fan Single Stage Belt for Instant Activation Self-Powered Console Calibration Technology Moisture-repellant, Double-Coated Steel Construction
Octane Fitness Pro3700 Classic Base W/Console Elliptical
The Pro3700C standing elliptical is a popular original model that delivers results. This cardio machine showcases Octane’s signature features and programming that enhance exercises and drive motivation. Advanced biomechanics Long-lasting, superior performance MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars Pre-programmed workouts
Octane Fitness Surge-Indoor Cycling Bike
Our performance-driven commercial Surge Cycle Bike is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of any fitness space. Solid construction ensures long-lasting performance for the most intense cycling classes. The maintenance-free magnetic resistance system features a rear wheel design, and the simple and intuitive console features a digital display to deliver essential stats at the exerciser’s fingertips. Octane’s premium Cycle Bike provides multiple seat adjustments for biomechanically correct positioning. Magnetic resistance Self-powered Enhanced console with calorie meter Poly v-belt Rear aluminum flywheel design
Octane Fitness XT-One Elliptical
The cross trainer that does it all! The XT-One standing elliptical is an all-in-one machine that lets exercisers walk, run, hike or climb. This variation in movement helps to target different muscles for customized effectiveness. Created with premium materials and innovative design, this elliptical will stand up to every workout while fueling performance and delivering results. Octane Fitness standing ellipticals give exercisers the ability to challenge themselves with intense workouts, yet still feel good after their routines. 4 unique workout modes Adjustable incline motion Exclusive SmartStride Technology MultiGrip and converging path handlebars Programmed workouts
Octane Fitness XT3700 Elliptical
Octane’s incredibly popular XT3700 standing elliptical is known for delivering the absolute best-feeling workouts. This cardio machine directs comfortable movement and flow while providing upper body ergonomics, making it an optimal choice for a variety of exercisers. Users can also fuel their workouts with advanced programming to drive results. Octane Fitness standing ellipticals give exercisers the ability to challenge themselves with intense workouts, yet still feel good both during and after their routines. Advanced biomechanics Long-lasting, superior performance MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars Advanced Programs
Octane Fitness XT4700 Elliptical
As one of the best ellipticals available, the XT4700 standing elliptical is a top-of-the-line powerhouse loaded with exclusive Octane breakthroughs like SmartStride® Technology. Each feature is designed to fuel an exerciser’s workout with exceptional comfort. This cardio machine is known to provide users with optimal performance to drive valuable results. Octane Fitness standing ellipticals give exercisers the ability to challenge themselves with intense workouts, yet still feel after their routines. Exclusive SmartStride ergonomics Advanced biomechanics Space Efficient Design MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars Advanced Programs & Workout Boosters
Octane Fitness xR6000 Recumbent Elliptical
Offer comfortable challenges and variety in workouts with the unique xR6000s recumbent elliptical, which delivers incredible effectiveness to exercisers of different ages and fitness levels. Comfortable swivel seat PowerStroke technology Active seat position for optimal comfort Convenient step-through design Upper/Lower Body Isolation
True Fitness 1000 Spectrum Elliptical XS1000
The Most Versatile Cardio Machine On the Market: a stepper, elliptical and runner all in one machine. Ranging from 13? to 30?, the TRUE Spectrum provides one of the largest adjustable strides in the industry and versatility for every user with 1? stride adjustments. With quick keys, users can go from a stepping motion to a full-stride running motion with the push of a button, to work out a variety of muscle groups in one cardio session.
True Fitness 200 Elliptical XCS200
The TRUE C200 Elliptical combines the durability and performance expected all over the world from TRUE at a value to meet your budget demands.. The C200 provides an effective, low-impact workout that delivers optimal results. Covered with a solid warranty, the C200 will meet the demands of use for years to come.
True Fitness 200 Recumbent Bike RCS200
The TRUE 200 Recumbent Bike provides the essential features and functions that meet your space and budget requirements. The design of the recumbent bike is meant to reduce back stress while comfortably distributing weight and maximizing support. The 200 offers simple programming, making exercise an easy and enjoyable process for users of all ages and fitness abilities.
True Fitness 200 Treadmill TCS200
For facilities where fitness is one of many offerings, the 200 Series treadmill provides essential features and functions that meet your space and budget needs. With premium features, such as HRC Heart Rate Control® and TRUE’S low-impact Soft System®, the CS200 treadmill will exceed the expectations of experienced users as well as beginners.
True Fitness 200 Upright Bike UCS200
The CS200 upright bike is built on a custom-designed, racetrack-inspired steel frame that is a perfect complement to any exercise facility. TRUE uses the most durable materials available in this class to ensure the CS 200 upright bike will look good for the long haul.
True Fitness 400 Treadmill TCS400
The 400 treadmill provides your commercial facility with reliable performance and a high-quality experience with features like HRC Heart Rate Control® and TRUE’S low-impact Soft System®. In addition, the C400 is the ideal choice for rehabilitation use at health and medical facilities with a low speed of only .2 mph. A variety of console options provide the technology, features, and asset management needed for your facility.
True Fitness 400 Upright Bike UCS400
The TRUE 400 Upright bike combines quality materials with smart design for an overall package that is unbeatable in its class in performance and durability. With one of the lowest step-up heights in the industry, the C400 offers a safe and easy entry for users of all ages and fitness levels. Plus, the small footprint allows you to maximize the premium space in your facility.
True Fitness 650 Treadmill TCS650
With a combination of the latest technology options and the reliability of TRUE’s premium warranty, the 650 treadmill provides the performance and efficiency needed for your commercial facility. Patented items like HRC Heart Rate Control® and TRUE’s low-impact Soft System® allows your users to have a first-class exercise experience. In addition, a variety of consoles are available to provide multiple levels of features, technology, and asset management.
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