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QuietKat Ranger
$3,499.99 - $3,799.99 $3,679.99 - $3,999.99 5% Off
Motor / Class: 1000W | 750W Battery: Premium Panasonic 11.6AH/48V 557WH | 10 LBS Range: Up To 48 miles Modes: 5 Levels of Pedal Assist, Throttle, Walk Assist Gears: SRAM 7-Speed Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Suspension: Mozo Coil Suspension Fork Tires: Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” Weight: 65 lbs Load Capacity: 325 lbs Colors: Sandstone, Veil Poseidon Dry Camo Sizes:15.5"S, 17"M, 19"L
QuietKat Warrior 7.5
$3,599.99 - $4,946.32 $4,199.99 - $4,946.32 Up to 14% Off
Take On Tough Terrain With Confidence The new Warrior features our long-range integrated battery and mid-drive motor system along with updated frame geometry resulting in refined weight distribution to optimize ride quality and handling on tough terrain. Adjustable dropouts make it easy to adjust the wheelbase for flexibility or run a single-speed drivetrain for simplicity. The Warrior features the power and large torque advantage of a mid-drive motor with our budget-friendly performance component package. An integrated rack and compatibility with most QuietKat accessories make the Warrior an excellent choice to explore the outdoors and the perfect bike for hunting and fishing in rolling hills to rough back roads. - Engineered for the outdoors: Built tough to tackle moderately steep terrain and haul large loads up backcountry trails or dirt roads without a struggle. - Top-quality motor: The Warrior's powerful mid-drive motor utilizes the full range of gears for maximum torque for climbing steep mountains without compromise. - Improved suspension: Tackle the unknown in confidence with 120 millimeters of bump-smoothing travel on the adjustable coil-suspension fork. - Advanced brakes: Outfitted with Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes so you can navigate moderately steep descents with confidence. - All-Terrain fat tires: Fitted with high-quality 26" x 4.5" tires to tackle tough terrain from soft sand and snow to hardpack trails and rocks. - Rider flexibility: Multiple sizes available, from medium 17-inch or large 19-inch frames to accommodate a variety of rider heights. - 8 Speeds: Built with a wide SRAM 8-speed drivetrain that takes the abuse of the large amounts of power the Warrior produces and allows you to adjust your gears for steep ascents and descents.
QuietKat Warrior
$3,699.99 - $4,799.99 $4,949.99 - $5,369.99 Up to 31% Off
Motor / Class: 750W | 1000W Mid-Drive Battery: 11.6AH/48V 557WH | 10 lbs. Range: Up To 48 Miles Modes: Eco-Assist, Sport-Assist, Throttle, Walk Assist Gears: SRAM 8-Speed Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Suspension: Adjustable Air Suspension Fork Tires: Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” Weight: 70 lbs Load Capacity: 325 lbs. Color: Poseidon Dry Camo / Sandstone Sizes: 17” S/M, 19” M/L
QuietKat Apex Sport
$3,999.99 - $4,099.99 $4,199.99 - $4,299.99 5% Off
The all-new Apex Sport is ready to explore with a powerful mid-drive motor in 750w and 1000w options and a long-lasting 12.8Ah battery for epic backcountry rides.
QuietKat Jeep 7.5
$3,999.99 $5,499.99 - $6,299.99 Up to 37% Off
The Most-Capable E-Bike On The Planet. The Jeep eBike was developed in partnership with the most iconic off-road brand on the planet. Built on a 26" x 4.8" Fat-Tire platform, the Jeep eBike is designed to be the most capable eBike in existence. Conquer any technical off-road terrain including soft sand and snow, as well as hardpacked trails and rock. The Jeep E-Bike features an advanced, torque-sensor motor system that delivers 750W of nominal power. The wide-range 9-speed drivetrain features an 11-42T cassette for maximum torque range to climb the steepest hills, while the 4-Piston Tektro brakes keep everything in control while descending. The full-suspension frame and inverted suspension fork are designed to maximize traction and comfort when the trail gets rough. - Backed by Jeep: Inspired by the legendary off-road capability of the Jeep line of SUVs, the Jeep E-Bike is the most capable electric bike on the planet, ready for any terrain. - True four-bar linkage: The Fire-Link suspension system is a true four-bar linkage, providing the ultimate traction, comfort, and capability. - Improved braking: Fitted with high-quality, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes for maximum control and heat dissipation. - Fat tires: CST 26"x4.8" fat tires are some of the largest on the market; tackle a variety of technical, off-road terrain. Similar to your Jeep vehicle the tires can be aired-down for maximum traction in soft sand and snow and aired up for hardpack terrains such as rocks and roots. - Industry-leading motor: The industry-leading Bafang Ultra-Drive 750 Watt motor complies with all Class 2 regulations for electric bikes under US Federal Law ( - All-terrain versatility: Easily conquer off-road terrain including soft sand and snow, hardpack trails, and rocks. - Rider flexibility: Suitable for all types of riders and available in 17 or 19-inch frame sizes with an adjustable seat post. - Load-bearing: Designed to carry heavy cargo, with a300-pound load capacity for transporting gear. Ideal for hunters or overlanders. - Improved motor power: Capable of going up to 58 miles with just a single charge on a powerful motor. - Multiple wheel sizes available: Ability to switch to a 29" standard mountain bike tire set for even more flexibility. - Flexible Modes: Eco, Sport, Throttle, Walk
QuietKat Jeep E-Bike
$3,999.99 - $7,499.99 $5,999.99 - $7,899.99 Up to 41% Off
Motor: 750W or 1000W Unlimited (1500W Peak) | Ultra Mid-Drive Motor Battery: 14.5AH/48V Long Range Panasonic | 12 lbs. Range: Up to 58 miles Throttle: Removable Thumb Throttle Performance: 160NM of Torque / 1500 Peak Wattage Output Gears: SRAM 9-Speed Brakes: TEKTRO 4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Suspension: QK Custom 150mm Inverted Air Fork / RockShox Monarch RL 150mm Tires: Poly 26” x 4.8” Fat-Tire (29" x 2.5" Kit Sold Separately Coming Soon) Weight: 70 lbs Load Capacity: 300 lbs Color: Charcoal, Matte Red Sizes: 17” S/M, 19” M/L
QuietKat Rubicon E-Bike
$4,499.99 $6,819.99 34% Off
The Next Generation Has Arrived. Built For The Backcountry. The Limited Edition Jeep Rubicon E-Bike takes our partnership with Jeep to the next level. Loaded with an additional 45% more range, more aggressive geometry, and an all-new fine-tuned 140mm inverted front suspension fork for the smoothest rides on the roughest terrain in the backcountry. Take on the backcountry with enough power to get you to the top of the trail faster.
QuietKat Apex 7.5
$5,099.99 $5,349.99 5% Off
The Pinnacle of E-Bike Technology and Performance The Apex is the highest point, the summit, the top of the mountain. Built to take you and your gear deep into the backcountry and up the steepest trails without breaking a sweat. QuietKat’s most popular electric bike for hunters and anglers features a long range integrated battery and motor system and comes equipped with high end performance components including our custom inverted front fork, 4-Piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a wide-range 9-speed SRAM drivetrain. The Apex uses a 12mm thru-axle on the rear and sealed bearings in both front and rear hubs for maximum performance and capability on the roughest terrain. Simply put, the Apex is the pinnacle of QuietKat’s hardtail electric bike lineup. The Apex is a powerful workhorse that includes a heavy-duty integrated pannier rack, molded to the frame for maximum strength and capability. Built to scale the steepest trails while hauling large loads, you can attach anything you need for your adventure including pannier bags, firearms, bow/tool holders, trailers, snowboards, and much more. Often referred to as the "pickup truck" of eBikes, the Apex doesn't compromise. For 2022, the Apex includes our latest innovations in technology, including a refined 150mm inverted front suspension fork and an updated 16AH battery so you can go farther than ever before on a single charge. - Powerful 750W mid-drive motor to get you and your gear up steep ascents in silence. - Smooth operation: 12mm thru-axle on the rear and sealed bearings in both front and rear hubs allow for consistently smooth operation in all weather conditions and seasons. - 9 Speeds: A heavy-duty 11-36T cassette and SRAM 9-speed drivetrain provide a wide range of gearing for conquering steep hills and rough terrain. - Advanced brakes: Tektro 4-Piston hydraulic brakes provide confidence and control when navigating steep descents on rugged terrain with large cargo loads. - Easy transport: The Apex is the go-to option for hunters and outdoorsmen or women needing to transport heavy gear over large distances, capable of carrying up to 325 pounds on the frame alone, you can bring everything you need. - All-terrain tires: Equipped with premium quality all-terrain fat tires, get you where you need to go in any season or adverse weather conditions. - Top-quality components: QuietKat’s top-level performance component kit includes an upgraded adjustable 150mm inverted air suspension fork, 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes, and a heavy-duty SRAM 9-speed drivetrain. - Advanced motor power: Powered by a mid-drive motor paired with 10 levels of pedal assist and a quick-disconnect thumb throttle. - Carry heavy gear: The Apex is compatible with our two-wheeled game trailer as well as our single-wheeled cargo trailer to bring all your gear along for the ride. The heavy-duty pannier rack system allows hunters and overlanders to carry heavy gear more and quickly attach a variety of accessories. - Multiple colors and sizes: The Apex has various new color options and a 15.5" frame option for smaller riders, along with our 17" and 19" models. - Multiple wheel sizes available: Ability to switch to a 29" standard mountain bike tire set for even more flexibility. - Multiple Modes: Ride in confidence with flexible modes to meet any style of riding including a Throttle, Eco-Assist, Sport-Assist, and Walk Assist modes.
QuietKat Apex Pro
$5,499.99 - $5,599.99 $5,769.99 - $5,879.99 5% Off
The all-new Apex Pro is built to take abuse, from hauling large loads around the farm to climbing steep mountain trails and stalking your prey in stealth on the roughest terrain.
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