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Martins Bike & Fitness CT700 Self Generated Treadmill Curved

Martins Bike & Fitness CT700 Self Generated Treadmill Curved
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Self Generated Treadmill Curved

EFFECTIVE TREADMILL: Self-generated curved treadmill is powered by the body's natural fat-burning furnace to burn more calories than a traditional treadmill

VERSATILE WORKOUTS: Designed for running, walking, sport-specific training, and HIIT with no maximum speed

8 RESISTANCE LEVELS: 8 levels of resistance that tax the body and help you become stronger

QUICK SPEED ADJUSTMENTS: Immediately adjusts to speed changes and is ideal for high-intensity training and sprinting

DIGITAL DISPLAY: Digital display shows time, distance, speed, calories, and total miles of use to easily see workout details

Unlock your full potential

No boring, mindless workouts here. No subconsciously going-through-the-motions-just-to-check-off-your-cardio-workout for the day. No online coaching or digital trails, attempting to trick your mind into believing that you're somewhere else. Nope. It's you vs. machine now. It'll take every conceivable effort you can give, both mentally and physically, if you want to go toe to toe with this treadmill. And with 8 levels of resistance, it is going to tax you in every way you can imagine and even in ways you cannot. The only limitations this treadmill has are yours. If you want to get faster, stronger, and in the best shape of your life, you'll need a machine that will constantly adapt to your very best and will be able to push you no matter how good you are or how much better you become. And with full commercial construction, there's no worry of wearing it out. The CT700 can't quite say the same for you though.

Get a more efficient workout in a fraction of the time

Both scientific and anecdotal evidence agree, a manual treadmill will give you a better workout in less time than a motorized treadmill. There's a reason that running on a motorized treadmill is so much easier than running outside, and it's not just wind resistance and uneven ground. When you run outside, you activate your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and calf muscles to propel your body forward. A curved treadmill activates the same muscle groups, giving you a complete running experience In the comfort of your own home. Plus, the natural curve offers a much more bio-mechanically sound running form without all the impact on your ankles, knees and hip joints. Not only are you the driving force behind the movement, but the amount of calories burned are increased exponentially compared to a motorized treadmill as it increases your work and your energy output at a higher rate, giving you a better work out in a shorter amount of time.

Advantages of a curved treadmill over a motorized treadmill:

30% increased calorie burn
100% energy efficient. Powered by the body's fat burning furnace
30% Increased oxygen consumption
16% Increased heart rate
2.5% Increased cadence
Promotes better running form
More Muscle activation
Lower risk of injury
No maximum speed! Most treadmills max out at 12 - 13 MPH
Adjusts to speed changes immediately. Perfect for high intensity interval training
No expensive-to-replace electronics or motor that often fail after the warranty period ends.
Better reliability and longer service life


High speed stainless steel bearings for smooth, quiet, and long-term operation
Steel frame and handrails ensure solid reliability
Perfect for walking, running, high-intensity interval training, sprinting and much more
Product weight 308 lbs
Recommended Maximum Speed of 18 mph

SKU: SBFITCT700 - 001