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Martins Bike & Fitness Easy Load Trike Rack

Martins Bike & Fitness Easy Load Trike Rack
$1,049.99 - $1,079.99
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Rated to carry up to 85 lbs
Very adjustable fit tikes with wheelbase up to about 70 inches long (axle to axle with steering straight). And width up to 34 inches wide.

Easily load and transport your 3 wheeled bike. Works with recumbent or traditional adult trikes. The rack is made with aluminum parts to keep it light weight. It slides into a 2" receiver hitch. Includes 2 ramps to roll the bike onto the rack rather that lifting. Lights tie into the vehicle for added safety on the road. Easy to handle aluminum design , much lighter weight than it looks! The bike is strapped into position with nylon locking straps at each wheel.

With 2 ramps you pop the front wheel into the center tray and roll the back wheels up the ramp. The third ramp option makes it even easier to load.

Ask about optional attachment to take along an additional regular bike.


An outside the vehicle carry tray for your recumbent trike or handcycle. The ELRS-Tray uses Easy Loads same unique answer to avoid lifting when loading a trike or handcycle, 4’ ramps which easily attach to the tray for loading and then stow on the tray when not in use. There is an option for a third ramp for those who wish to load the single wheel of a trike or handcycle first. The ramps may be used from either side of the tray. The ELRS-Tray uses a standard 2” receiver hitch on the transporting vehicle. The frame is 48" left to right and 40" front to back. The three wheel trays are 64" long and are adjustable on the frame to accommodate handcycles and longer recumbent trikes. The ELRS-Trays unique receiver hitch insert allows the tray, when empty, to be raised to an upright locked position. Each system comes with reflective red and silver safety tape for extra visibility for following drivers and tail lights featuring turn signals, brake lights and running lights.

Part Numbers

ELT-2R 210000027025