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Matrix Fitness USB Passport Player 6 Pack A

Matrix Fitness USB Passport Player 6 Pack A
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Travel to the French Riviera, Trinity Mountains, New Zealand, and more!

Climb the Canadian Rockies in Canada or visit Vancouver. Hike the trails at South Island in New Zealand, or stop by the Gastown district in Washington State (USA). Run the coastline in the French Riviera (France) or set the incline for the Trinity Mountains (USA). Use with your Passport Player or compatible with a Virtual Active machine. Course length 20-40 min each.

Vancouver (Canada)
South Island (New Zealand)
Canadian Rockies (Canada)
Washington State (USA)
Trinity Mountains (USA)
French Riviera (France)


Passport Player - Pack A

About this Destination - Secluded California beaches. Adventurous New Zealand trails and lakeshores. Vancouver's historic Gastown district. The enchanting coastline of the French Riviera. Passport takes your workout to some of the most captivating parts of the world. With urban adventures, mountain explorations and journeys along forested trails, this selection of courses covers every kind of terrain.

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