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Matrix Fitness USB Passport Player 6 Pack B

Matrix Fitness USB Passport Player 6 Pack B
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Travel to Paris, Acadia National Park, Rocky Mountains and more!

Passport Pack B takes you to charming Paris and Reims (France), Southern Utah (USA), Maine's Acadia National Park (USA), British Columbia's glaciers (Canada), Rocky Mountains (USA) and California's Death Valley Desert (USA). Use with the Passport Player or can be played on Virtual Active machines. See your exercise equipment for compatibility. Course length 20-40 min each.

Paris and Reims (France)
Southern Utah (USA)
Acadia National Park (USA)
British Columbia (Canada)
Rocky Mountains (USA)
California Desert (USA)


Passport Player Video Pack B

About this Destination - The deserts of California's Death Valley. The splendor of Maine's Acadia National Park. The quintessential charm of parisian boulevards. The breathtaking glaciers in Canada's British Columbia. With Passport, you can see the sights you've dreamed of visiting, and you can return as often as you like. This selection of courses includes equal measures of history and majesty around every turn.

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