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True Fitness M30 Treadmill

True Fitness M30 Treadmill
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All Treadmill, No Gadgetry. Distinguished True Fitness quality at a low price.

30 Year warranty on motor.*

This easy-to-use console offers a variety of challenging pre-programmed workouts to keep your routine fresh, whatever your fitness goals.
- A compact footprint of just 74 inches in length that will fit into any home.
- TRUE HRC Cruise Control heart rate tracking and controlled treadmill workouts that maintain your target heart rate by adjusting the machine’s speed and incline as you run.

Key Features: 3 HP DC belt 58"L x 20"W; 300 lbs Max user weight; Warranty: L-f/30m/5p/1l

Cut the hassle and have Martins Bike & Fitness deliver this product right to your home. Assembly and/or delivery options are available for this unit.
See our Fitness Equipment Delivery page for details.
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