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True Fitness M50 Elliptical

True Fitness M50 Elliptical
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Key Upgrades: Ergonomic multi-grip handles, and orthopedic-cushioned, soft footpads.

The M50 delivers a full body workout by featuring:
- One of the smallest equipment footprints available
- TRUE’s Cardio 360 virtual personal trainer that gives you a customized full body workout
- Innovative side steps for safe entry and exit from the machine or a complete upper-body-only workout
- TRUE’s HRC Cruise Control technology to maintain your target heart rate from beginning to end

The M50’s ergonomic multi-grip handles allow users greater flexibility in targeting core muscle groups, while the orthopedic-cushioned, soft footpads provide a comfortable and sturdy foundation for upper body workout, decreasing the stress of impact on the joints. The patented Core DriveTM system provides the most natural movement while keeping the user in the center of the exercise motion for superior balance, stability, and comfort.

Key Features: Stride, about 21"; Multi Grip; Ortho Foot Pad; Static Footprint 42"L x 30"W; Warranty: L-f/5p/1l

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