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Ice Skate Sharpening 

Local Skate Sharpening Service

Skate sharpening is somewhat of an art. It requires correct alignment for different thickness blades and types of skating. Our technicians have sharpened 1,000s of pairs of skates.

We have the professional type ‘hollow ground’ skate sharpener. We can do figure or hockey style skates. Our equipment can also handle the new harder stainless-steel blades.

All new ice skates must be sharpened before using. Skates will also ware down with normal use.

We typically have a 2-3 hour turn around time. Bring your skates in and pick them up in a few hours. We do not take appointments. Sharpening service is available on first come / first serve basis.

The Skate Sharpening Story

Some customers ask why skate sharpening at a bike and fitness store? Our grandfather Allen Martin had a small sideline sharpening business in the 1970’s. He sharpened anything that needed a cutting edge, but particularly wood working equipment. When bikes sales and service increased in the 1980’s, sharpening was gradually phased out, but the ice skate sharpening was made part of the Bike Shop and remains very popular with the local community. Allen’s son and grandsons now do the skate sharpening.