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Comfort Hybrid Bikes

Yeah, we know you're not going to race. What you want is a bike that's comfortable.

 Martins Bike Shop stocks a wide range of comfort hybrid bikes.
With the right bike, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Your Local Comfort Bike Store

At Martins Bike Shop, we understand that you may not want to compete or participate in some kind of endurance test. In fact, most of our riders ride to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Comfort bikes are not usually made to be fast; they are made to be stable and easy to ride. You tend to sit in a more upright position, which is more comfortable. These are the bikes that are great for a trek across town or a ride on the greenway.

Why a Comfort Bicycle?

  • Easy Riding
  • Cushioned Bike Seat
  • Stable Tires for Varying Terrain

Comfort Bikes for Women

Ready for a bike that really fits? Something that’s easy to mount and dismount? Martins has you covered. Ride in comfort and style with Liv, Momentum, and Sun women's comfort bikes. Perfect for leisure riding.

Most Comfortable Bike to Ride

Which bikes are most comfortable? Comfort bikes are intentionally designed for leisure riders. There are several variations available depending on your riding terrain. We stock comfort bikes made for road and/or gravel riding.

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Comfort + Ease = Fun. Want a little help on the hills? With electric assist bikes, you can still pedal and get as much exercise as you want. Adjust the smart ride control to any level 1 thru 5, for more or less assistance. Explore new trails and make riding fun again.

Hybrid Bikes

Comfort is great. There are varying degrees of what each of us consider a comfortable ride. The bikes above are our “most comfortable bikes.” Hybrids are generally the next step sportier. There are also options to add our Martins Comfort Package to any hybrid or mountain bike.