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In our showroom you can do some real life, side by side comparisons between brands and models and find out which one is right for you. So put on your sneakers and come on in.

Continuous Duty Motors

A somewhat better way of rating motor horsepower. 3hp Continuous Duty is better than 3hp Peak Duty. That said, there are other more important considerations than motor horsepower. Horsepower ratings are complicated, and hard to figure out accurately. Unfortunately, many low end manufacturers tend to overrate their motors.

More important than horsepower:

  1. What are the physical dimensions of the motor? (Bigger is usually better.)
  2. Is the rest of the treadmill up to power with the motor size? Or in other words, are the electronics, belt, and frame on par with the motor?

Matrix Home Treadmills

Looking for the ultimate treadmill for your home? Whether you walk, jog, or run, Martins recommends the Matrix brand. Matrix offers 5 different frame options and 4 different console options. This allows us to custom build a treadmill that has all the features you want.

Matrix lets you pick and choose your console technology. From the basic XR console with simple speed, calorie, and distance readouts; up to the new XUR with a 22” touch screen that can stream iFit workouts, there is a console that’s perfect for you.

Exclusive Ultimate Deck suspension system to save your knees and hips from excess impact. This is the same industrial grade cushioning system that Matrix uses on its commercial models.

$2,999.99 - $4,399.99
$3,769.99 - $5,169.99
$4,699.99 - $6,699.99
$5,899.99 - $7,899.99
$3,899.99 - $5,899.99
$4,929.99 - $6,929.99
$2,999.99 - $4,999.99
$4,799.99 - $6,799.99


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