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$799.99 $879.99 9% Off
The M16 Central Motor series possesses a simple frame interface, integrated design and is compatible with several different battery types. Designed to hold the superior riding characteristics of a bracket motor with the competitive price of a hub-motor, the M16 series types are compatible with coaster breaks and equipped with an integrated RPM sensor and controller, making it ideal for entry-level riders. All M16 series Motors are provided with LogiX technology based on CAN bus. Weight: 3.90 kg Max. torque:65 Nm Output: 250 / 350 W
$2,550.00 $2,849.99 11% Off
Turn any TerraTrike* into an E-Trike with our Boost Kit. Powered with Bosch's ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor, PowerPack 400Wh Lithium-Ion battery, and Purion console, you'll enjoy the added assist an e-trike can provide. Boost Kits are required to be installed by a local authorized dealer. Contact us for more details. The Boost Kit Includes: - Bosch ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor - Bosch PowerPack 400Wh Battery - Purion Console - Crank Arms (No Pedals) - Boom *The Boost Kit - 20" is compatible with the following current TerraTrike models when equipped with 20" front wheels: - Maverick - Rogue - Rambler - Gran Tourismo - Traveler
$2,949.99 $3,349.99 12% Off
Amplitude for All Entry level has never before brought so much value.  The Charge features a torquey Promovec hub-drive motor with 250W of power and 43Nm of torque, paired with a 374Wh battery to keep you riding longer.  All of your riding, motor and battery data is viewable from a large, full color display that is easy to read on the go. While riding down your favorite trail one can't help but notice all the creature comforts of the Charge. The plush ride of the extra wide 20x1.95" tires help keep trail bumps and divots at bay, while the wide seat frame and padded seat mesh with cushioned side bolsters take comfort to the next level. Unlock a world of new exploration without sacrificing quality or your wallet! - Promovec 50750-BL Motor - DT2 36V-374Wh Battery - Walk assist plus 4 additional levels - 275 lb weight capacity
$4,699.99 $5,099.99 8% Off
Electric Assist E.V.O. TerraTrike's latest Electric Vehicle Option, the E.V.O., is powered by the powerful Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper quiet motor capable of 65Nm of torque, this system is wickedly fun. Go from the "all-day ride" Eco mode to an exhilarating Turbo mode with a few clicks of a button. All controlled by the sleek, full color Bosch Kiox display, which puts control and riding information right at your fingertips. Add in how lightweight the Bosch unit is and the strategically placed frame mounted battery, and you'll find the trike is so well balanced you'll forget it's even there. The E.V.O. was designed with premium features packed into a tried-and-true platform so it can drift into the background and you can simply enjoy the ride. Bosch Performance Line Cruise: - Delivering 65 Nm of torque, the Performance Line Cruise provides supportive boost precisely when and where it is needed. The pedaling sensation feels natural, with little resistance in Off mode. All of this performance comes virtually noise-free, further enhancing the riding experience. Bosch PowerPack 400: - The lithium-ion battery is lightweight and works seamlessly with the motor to operate as a complete system. Kiox Display: - The full color Kiox display provides a single global snapshot of motor and battery performance along with riding and charging statistics. The beauty is knowing that your system is ready when you are. Electric Assist Drivetrain: - The E.V.O. system uses a traditional derailleur drivetrain setup. Power system aside, it functions as any other external drivetrain bicycle. Upgraded Frame: - The E.V.O. has been upgraded to a robust cro-moly frame set, providing optimal strength, and allowing for even more space for Storage Solutions bags. 300 lb weight capacity
$2,049.99 - $2,749.99
The Electric Trike is all the stability and comfort of a three-wheeler, along with the speed and power of electric. This is Sun Bicycle's Traditional trike decked out with E-BikeKit's Direct Drive motor and your choice of battery. The price you see when you select your battery choice, is the complete set-up, installed and ready to ride. The hub motor is designed to deliver more low-end torque and a lower top speed; important for safety on a 3-wheeler. Motor Specs: Type: Direct-Drive (brushless, disc brake compatible) Power: 500w Nominal / > 1000 @48v Max Torque: 46N-m @48v Max RPM: 259 @48v Cable: 8" Axle Exit, 3-Phase / 5 Hall Effect Connector: Round 8-Pin 19/32" (10.4mm) Weight: 12.8 lbs. (5.8 kg) Warranty: 1 Year
$150.00 $199.99 25% Off
The Shimano PC Linkage Device for STEPS and Di2 groups is used to check system functions, connections, and errors as well as update firmware and customize functions. SM-PCE02 connects through a Micro USB port
$549.99 $569.99 4% Off
Designed specifically for SHIMANO STEPS system, the BT-E6000 mounts on a rear carrier and features 418 Wh capacity.
The 529Wh lithium-ion battery is integrated into the lower frame for sleek style and convenient removal for off-the-bike charging. Depending on terrain, the RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU has a range of 30-90 mi/50-145 km and takes just 4.7 hours for a full charge. Battery 40 Cell / 529Wh 14.7Ah Spare/Replacement
Feel true, wind-in-your-face freedom—The RUSH/CTY SPEED, a Class 3 eBicycle that provides electric assistance all the way up to 28 mph. Built to thrill, the RUSH/CTY SPEED makes fitness more fun, brings excitement to your errands, and introduces more capability to any cycling situation. 706Wh Removable Battery The 706Wh lithium-ion battery is integrated into the lower frame for sleek style and convenient removal for off-the-bike charging. Depending on terrain, the RUSH/CTY Speed has a range of 25-115 mi/40-185 km and takes just 7.5 hours for a full charge. Brose TF MAG Mid-Mounted Motor Built for speed, the Brose TF Mag motor delivers 90 Nm/66 ft. lbs. of torque to conquer the most challenging hills with ease. Fine-tune your level of assistance with four power modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Boost. Enviolo AUTOMATiQ Hub The Enviolo AUTOMATiQ is an electronically controlled CVT rear hub that automatically and constantly adjusts the gear ratio to maintain the rider's optimal pedaling cadence even as terrain or speed changes.
$849.99 $999.99 15% Off
The Rambo Kid’s 16" Lil Whip is designed for the next generation of riders! Get your youngster out ripping around the trails with their own ebike. With a powerful 250w motor, twist throttle, hand brakes, and platform to safely put their feet. The Lil Whip is ready to give your kids the thrill of having some serious fun! *Recommended for ages 4-8 years old. *Weight Limit: 75lbs *Each bike comes with three sets of colored decals
$5,999.99 $6,299.99 5% Off
The Megatron 2.0 is a bike built like no other! Given the nickname “The Beast” for simple reason that there is nothing – no hill, no terrain, this bike can’t handle! This is not your grandpa’s Sunday cruiser or your mom’s grocery getter. This is a bike meant to take you further into the deep woods and up the steepest rock hill. The Megatron comes equipped with TWO powerful hub drive motors. It’s on demand power gives you the ability to switch between front wheel, rear wheel or AWD to best match your riding needs. Simply cruise around in rear wheel drive to conserve battery when on flat easy terrain, and with the quick click of a button, you can switch it over to AWD, and engage all the torque you need to pull yourself, and a load behind you on the cart. You wouldn’t purchase a Subaru to do AWD Truck’s job, so why would you do the same with your ebike! But we didn’t stop there, we also Powered this bike with an integrated 20AH battery AND an additional 17AH battery on top (total of 37AH), allowing you to go anywhere. Up to 80 miles range!
$2,999.99 $3,299.99 9% Off
The Pursuit 2.0 Step Through is a great choice for an all around ebike. The most notable upgrades between the Pursuit Step Through and the Full Frame is the frame’s design, allowing the rider to easily mount and dismount the bike. Same great bike as the Full Frame which incudes the front GT MRK Suspension, dual battery option, which also comes with fenders, headlight, and taillight! The Pursuit Step Through comes in a vibrant Orange and Matte Black along with a fun Navy Blue and Neon Green.
$4,999.99 $5,299.99 6% Off
Built Rambo Tough The Rebel Step Thru was designed by customer request. Delivering the Rebel 1000w ebike with a step thru frame makes saddling up even easier then before. Delivering it all in one solid bike featuring a a Bafang 1000w High Torque Mid Drive motor, 11 gears, topped with a 48v 21AH battery – no terrain is going to stop you! Paired with 26×4.5” fat tires and 4 Piston Hydraulic brakes, you have the recipe of a perfect hunting bike. From the mountains to the flat prairie, The Rebel Step Thru is ready to deliver you to your stand!
Rambo replacement thumb throttle round 3 pin plug.
$4,749.99 - $4,849.99 $4,999.99 - $5,099.99 Up to 5% Off
The all-new Apex Pro is built to take abuse, from hauling large loads around the farm to climbing steep mountain trails and stalking your prey in stealth on the roughest terrain. Easy Select between modes with the latest VPO technology. CLASS 1 Pedal-assist only, no throttle, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. CLASS 2 Throttle allowed, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. CLASS 3 Pedal-assist only, no throttle, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph. UNLIMITED Unrestricted power output level, no speed limit, and throttle enabled.
$3,799.99 - $3,899.99 $3,999.99 - $4,099.99 5% Off
The all-new Apex Sport is ready to work and play with a powerful 1000w VPO™ enabled motor and a long-lasting internal battery for epic backcountry rides.
Front Thru-Axle 15mm 195mm Coarse thread For Inverted Suspension Fork.
Front Thru-Axle 15mm 205mm Coarse thread For Inverted Suspension Fork.
$4,199.99 $5,249.99 20% Off
This powerful and capable all-terrain full-suspension E-MTB is named after the agile and sure-footed mountain goat, and it's ready to take on the steepest mountain trails with ease. With the most powerful eBike motor standard and adjustable levels of pedal assist, the Ibex can conquer even the steepest backcountry terrain. With all-new Variable Power Output (VPO™) Technology, you can select between classifications and power output levels to stay in compliance wherever you ride. ** Unrestricted Power When You Want It ** Compliance When You Need It
$3,699.99 $4,999.99 26% Off
The Jeep® eBike was designed in partnership with the most Legendary name in off-road as the ultimate accessory to explore beyond where the road ends. All Jeeps in Martins stock have updated 6 Blade Battery and VPO controller! With all-new Variable Power Output (VPO™) Technology, you can select between classifications and power output levels to stay in compliance wherever you ride. ** Unrestricted Power When You Want It ** Compliance When You Need It Easy Select between modes with the latest VPO technology. CLASS 1 Pedal-assist only, no throttle, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. CLASS 2 Throttle allowed, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. CLASS 3 Pedal-assist only, no throttle, 750w max output, and a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph. UNLIMITED Unrestricted power output level, no speed limit, and throttle enabled. "VPO technology allows riders to enjoy the full performance QuietKat eBikes are capable of while remaining legal anywhere they want to ride." - Wes Siler, Outside Magazine What size Jeep® eBike do I need? Under 5'6": SM Between 5'6"-6'0": MD Over 6": LG Approximate Stepover Height SM = 28.8” MD = 30” LG = 31.3” Measurement is at lowest point on frame. Measured without rider, bike straight, and ruler square with floor.
Fits: Ibex, Apex Pro, Jeep, Rubicon Get more out of your favorite electric bike with a 29" swappable wheelset. Designed to get more range and acceleration out of your eBike while tackling less aggressive terrain compared to the standard 26"x4.8" tires.  Install Instructions: Tools required: chain whip, SRAM cassette tool, Torque wrench with a T25 torx bit, isopropyl alcohol, and cleaning rag Slide cassette onto freehub and start threading the cassette lock ring by hand Tighten the cassette lock ring using the cassette tool to ~40Nm Line up the brake rotor with the hole pattern on the hub ensuring that the text is facing outwards. Note that front and rear rotors are the same Insert and start threading in the 6 rotor bolts by hand Torque the rotor bolts to 6Nm using the torque wrench Be sure to clean rotors with isopropyl alcohol before use to avoid contaminating the brake pads Rear dropout/frame may need to flex in or out up to 8mm. (Not included extra brake rotors and cassette. You can use your original parts.)
$2,849.99 - $3,099.99 $2,999.99 - $3,099.99 Up to 5% Off
A powerful and versatile eBike that unlocks adventures on backcountry trails, makes tackling chores on the ranch easy, and allows you to embark on extended hunting expeditions in stealth with all your gear in tow. With its unparalleled hub-drive performance and rugged durability, the Ranger E-Bike is the ultimate companion for any outdoor enthusiast looking to go farther and explore more terrain and is used by military and law enforcement around the world for its legendary capability and reliability. The Ranger E-Bike boasts an impressive array of features including an integrated long-range swappable battery and powerful motor system that provide extended range and power, while the innovative hub-drive motor delivers consistent performance in all gears, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. With built-in redundancy, the Ranger can be operated simply by pedaling if you don't have power, as well as under throttle operation only allowing you to get back home even without a chain. Additionally, the Ranger is outfitted with industry-leading load capacity with its integrated pannier cargo rack, premium components, and all-terrain fat tires, making it the ideal choice for adventurers who demand capability without breaking the bank. Experience the freedom of the outdoors like never before with the QuietKat Ranger E-Bike.
$499.99 $999.99 50% Off
Weight: 14 lbs Lifespan: 800 Cycles Capacity: 21AH | 48V Range: 32-63 Miles (est) Compatibility: 2022 Rubicon and Ibex E-Bikes
$2,659.99 $2,799.99 5% Off
Introducing the Villager E-Bike by QuietKat – the ultimate crossover electric bike designed to conquer both urban streets and rugged off-road trails with ease. At the heart of the Villager E-Bike lies a robust 500w motor, delivering the power you need to tackle steep inclines and rough terrain. With 5 levels of pedal assist, you can customize your riding experience to suit your preferences and optimize energy efficiency. Want to take a break from pedaling? No problem. The built-in thumb throttle lets you cruise effortlessly, giving you the freedom to sit back and enjoy the ride. The Villager E-Bike is equipped with a high-capacity 12.8Ah internal battery, ensuring you never run out of power on your journeys. With long-lasting battery life, you can confidently embark on extended trips, knowing your e-bike is ready to go the distance. The heavy-duty integrated pannier rack is a standout feature, boasting an industry-leading load capacity that allows you to carry all your essentials with ease. Whether you're transporting groceries, camping gear, or work equipment, the Villager E-Bike has you covered. Experience unparalleled versatility and convenience with the Villager E-Bike by QuietKat. Master the urban jungle and conquer rugged trails, all with one exceptional electric bike designed to adapt to your every need. Invest in the ultimate crossover eBike today and redefine the way you travel. Key Features Crossover design: Ideal for use on bike paths, dirt roads, urban streets, and more. 7 Speeds: Seven-speed gear drive-train can also be easily converted to a single speed for simplicity and maintenance. Integrated cargo rack: A heavy-duty built-in rear cargo rack with 100 lbs of carrying capacity that allows you to haul even more. One size fits all: The Villager features a one size fits all 16-inch step-through design to make it easy for him or her to get on the bike and get going. Improved motor: The 500-watt direct-drive motor makes it easy to climb small to moderate inclines and power through sand or mud. Top-quality components: Features performance-level component package with a 100-millimeter suspension fork with coil springs shocks, and two-piston hydraulic disc brakes paired with 203-millimeter rotors. Accessory compatible: The Villager is compatible with many QuietKat accessories, easily facilitated by our all-new integrated cargo rack, pannier bags, lights, tire inserts, and trailers. Fast-Swap Battery: Swap to a spare battery in the field in seconds. Fat tires: Outfitted with 3" plus-size street tires for a smooth and comfortable ride as you cruise around. Premium Support: The best customer service in the industry with USA-based reps standing by. 109 Point Inspection: An industry-leading quality assurance inspection ensures every last bolt and connection is checked before it arrives. Period.
Throttle up and get moving with the Cito E+ It's time to leave the car at home. With the Cito E+, it's easier and faster to get around than ever before. Whether you're taking kids to school, heading to work, getting groceries, or seeing friends, Cito E+ offers you more fun, flexibility, and freedom to get you there! Cito E+ offers much more than your average E-bike. With throttle assist up to 20MPH and pedal assist up to 28MPH, you can get where you need to go without breaking a sweat. With a range of up to 75 miles on a single charge, you can go just about anywhere. The options are endless, with a high weight load capacity and a wide range of accessories, Cito e+ really can do it all! An e-bike designed for everyone. Ride confidently, knowing the Cito e+ offers the best tech and safety features on the road. The battery is co-developed with Panasonic and designed to meet the highest safety standards. Be seen and be heard! The Cito E+ comes equipped with a powerful LED running headlight, brake lights, turn signals, and an E-horn. It isn't all GO; with 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, you can stop safely in all conditions. Things you'll love: - It's smooth and fast Seamless pedal assist and throttle system! Smoothly transition from throttle function up to 20MPH and pedal-assist up to 28MPH. Our PedalPlus 6-sensor technology provides a consistent, powerful, natural-feeling pedal assist by reading your cadence, pitch, and torque that constantly adjusts throughout your ride. - Market-leading range Reliable high-performance, high capacity 780Wh smart battery. With 22700 battery cell tech, specifically engineered for E-bikes, including IPX7 waterproofing meets the highest safety standards. You can cover up to 75 miles in our eco pedal assist mode, and 45 miles in throttle-only mode, leaving other E-bikes behind to be re-charged sooner! - Safety features Unlike other E-bikes, the throttle only starts once you've hit 3.5MPH, and the auto brake cut-off instantly cuts all power when you brake, making this a safe ride for you, your kids, or any passengers you may have on board. Cito E+ also comes equipped with lights, turn signals, and an E-horn, so you're ready to roll in full control. - Custom configurations With a wide variety of accessories, you can outfit your Cito E+ to suit your needs and lifestyle. From daily errands to family and friends on boards, it's designed to be customized by you! Endless options to customize your ride, with an impressive 408lbs total payload.
$2,099.99 $2,399.99 13% Off
Explore neighborhood streets, ride for fitness, or ditch the car for your daily commute. LaFree E+ is a perfect introduction to the world of E-bikes with low step-through frame, powerful battery, and comfort design with pedals. Designed for recreational riders, it lets you cruise up hills and cover longer distances in less time. The SyncDrive Life motor delivers 60Nm of smooth, quiet power that feels naturally in sync with your own pedaling. You can personalize it to your preferred riding style with an easy-to-use mobile app. LaFree’s step-through comfort design makes it easy to get on and off, and the lower, centralized motor position creates a balanced, stable ride quality. The EnergyPak is simple to charge on or off the bike with the included fast charger and any standard wall outlet. It delivers a long range of up to 65 miles on a single charge. Our RideControl One command center offers a simple, compact hand control interface that makes it easy to switch power modes, monitor batter levels, Due to supply-chain issues, Specs are subject to change without notice
$2,339.99 $2,599.99 10% Off
Smart Assist Electric Bike. Made by Giant Bicycle. Center Drive Yamaha Motor. Beach, cabin or around the neighborhood, the Transend E+ covers it all. Easy rolling 27.5” tires. Enclosed gear system is extra easy to maintain and keeps the trail grit and sand out of the gears. Giants proprietary Smart Assist eliminates the needs for a throttle, and gives you a smooth easy ride all the way through. -Class 3, up to 28MPH (Can be programed for Max Speed 15MPH if you want to ride it like a Class 1.) -Comes with 6A Fast Charger Due to supply-chain issues, Specs are subject to change without notice
$2,469.99 $2,599.99 5% Off
Kick off a new commuting routine that's adventurous, healthy and more fun than a train or a bus. Transend E+ is made with our SyncDrive Life motor and an integrated battery pack, giving this electric commuter bike a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort. You can choose lower support modes for fitness rides, or more support when you want to get across town without breaking a sweat. The Giant E-Bike app makes it easy to access navigation functions, fitness info and support modes. It's everything you need to make daily transportation the best part of your day. Mid-Drive Motor - SyncDrive Life motor features Smart Assist technology with six sensors to calculate torque, cadence, slope, and speed and deliver smooth, powerful pedaling assistance. Integrated Battery - EnergyPak500 battery, located in the downtube and removable via side-release, can fully charge in less than 4 hours. Internal Geared Hub - Integrated gear changing for smooth, worry-free shifting. Six Levels of Support - Choose from Eco, Eco+, Normal, Sport, Sport+, and Auto Assist modes for max assist speed up to 28mph. Plush Saddle - Selle Royal Essenza saddle provides long-lasting comfort and support. Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Tektro brakes with 160mm rotors provide optimal control and stopping power in all conditions. Wide Gear Range - 7-Speed Shimano Nexus drivetrain makes it easy to choose the perfect gear for flat or hilly terrain. Grippy Tires - High-volume 2.2-inch tires offer confident handling on smooth or rough roads. Chainguard - Protects clothing from chain dirt and grime. Due to supply-chain issues, Specs are subject to change without notice
$2,499.99 $2,499.99 - $3,099.99 Up to 19% Off
Just like riding a bike—but even more fun. Vida E+ is a low step-through electric bike that features our SyncDrive Life motor and pedals. Riding with Vida E+ is the perfect way to explore the city, feel the wind on your face, and put a kick into your fitness routine. The bike frame is designed with a comfortable upright rider position, which gives it a confident, easygoing ride quality. Just ride the step-through e-bike to get more fun and enjoy your journey! Due to supply-chain issues, Specs are subject to change without notice
From lumpy, bumpy gravel tracks to smooth urban roads —and everything in between — the amiti e+ is built to optimize your comfort, fitness, and confidence. just bring along your adventurous spirit for the ride. key performance factors Versatile and capable The versatile design and technology of the Amiti E+ make every adventure possible. From a cruisy ride into town for a coffee to smoothly trekking along gravel trails for the day – this reliable E-bike takes you wherever you want to go, in style and comfort. Adventure-ready With a maximum range of 180km and 75Nm of torque, the Amiti E+ delivers distance, power, and hours of outdoor, smile-inducing fun. The Mounting Is Key HD rack provides 30kg of luggage-carrying capability, and the sleek fender protects against dirt, dust, and rain. Next-gen technology The color control unit shows all your ride data at a glance. And you can pair it with the RideControl App for optional phone notifications. It also features a convenient USB port to keep your devices charged. This next-gen technology and sleek internal cable routing result in a premium, head-turning E-bike.
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