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Fitness Accessories

Martins Bike & Fitness 2 Sided Vertical Dumbbell Rack
$209.99 $264.99 21% Off
The 2-Sided Vertical Dumbbell Rack is a space efficient storage rack for chrome and rubber hex dumbbells. This rack is made to hold 8 pairs of dumbbells with the largest size being 50 lb. in the Chrome Dumbbells and 35 lb. in the Rubber Hex Dumbbells. The dumbbell handle rests easily on two plastic guards in order to preserve the handles of your dumbbells. A chrome cap is featured on the top of the rack with the YORK® name embossed to add character and style to this rack.
Martins Bike & Fitness Fit Lube
Silicone for Treadmills We recommend the TreadLube applicator to apply this lubricate to your treadmill deck. 8oz should last a few years for most home users. This is the same lubricate we use in the commercial gyms we service. It is 100% Polydimethylsiloxane Fluids. Warnings: - Not for human consumption. - Keep out of reach of children. - Health, Intense or continued exposure could cause temporary incapacitation or possible residual injury. - Flammability, Materials that require considerable preheating, under all ambient temperature conditions, before ignition and combustion can occur. (Flash point at or above 93.4°C [200°F])
Martins Bike & Fitness HD Mat for Fitness Equipment
Ultimate rubber mat, 1/4" thick. Same material used in commercial gym floors now available in custom cut size for under your fitness equipment. 3 Feet wide by up to 7.5 feet long. Made in USA. - Protects your equipment from static discharge - Dampens vibrations and muffles noises - Keeps lint and dust out of motor and electronics
Martins Bike & Fitness Physio Trainer
The most affordable of any Bi-Directional Upper Body Ergometers available in the marketplace, the PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional UBE features heavy construction and unique design make it a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting. The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer (UBE) is designed to be used on either a table top or on the floor as a leg exerciser. The manufacturing process includes a fully welded steel frame, industrial rust-resistant paint and a crack resistant commercial grade shroud. The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer is the first high-quality UBE available at this price, an all around best value! The PhysioTrainer upper body ergometer (UBE) has an easy to read display that is self-powered. The display panel has a tilt feature that allows the user to clearly see the readouts whether the unit is being used on a tabletop or on the floor as a leg exerciser. The display shows your current speed (mph or kph), distance, calories burned, elapsed time and scan mode.
Martins Bike & Fitness TreadMat
TreadMat is perfect for treadmills, ellipticals, ski machines or as a general aerobics mat. Made of super-tough, odor-free vinyl material, TreadMat has a non-slip surface that is perfect for any room in your home or business. Approximately 3W X 7.5L feet. - Protects your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts - Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts - Cleans easily with damp cloth
Martins Bike & Fitness Treadlube Silicone-based Lubricating System
Treadmill Lubricant, Specially formulated to extend the life of your treadmill. Made in USA. - Restore smooth stride - Reduces friction - Helps prevent premature wear to deck, belt, motor, and electronics. Recommended use: Every 3 months, heavy use may require more frequent applications. Includes directions on how to apply.
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