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Off Road eMountain Bikes (eMTB)

Tackle your favorite mountain bike trails without difficulty. Great if you sometimes get into rocks, roots, and other rough terrain. Enjoy longer rides. Available in hardtail and dual suspension. Mens and Womens e-MTBs.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB) are the ultimate adventure vehicle for single track trails. With the powerful electric motor, riders can easily conquer steep inclines and challenging terrain, giving them the freedom to explore farther and faster than ever before. 

eMTBs are eco-friendly, quiet, and low maintenance, making them the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking to minimize their impact on the environment. Upgrade your trail experience with an eMTB and unlock a world of new possibilities.

Mountain Bike Helmets

We stock a large selection of full-face, half-shell, and mountain bike helmets. You will want to prioritize safety, comfort, and functionality. Be safe. Helmet on Head.

GPS Dash/Console

GPS devices allow riders to navigate unfamiliar trails and explore new routes with ease. Connects with your bike to track available battery capacity, power output and other metrics. Record your rides and post to Ride with GPS or Strava, etc.

eBike Racks

eBikes weigh more than regular bikes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them along. Also a lot of eBikes have fenders which some racks do not handle very well. We sell racks that address both of these issues.

Fox Brand Protection

The Fox Brand Protection line includes a variety of protective gear such as chest protectors, elbow pads, knee pads, and full body armor. While it may not be necessary for all riders, it can provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for those who engage in more aggressive riding styles.

Free Test Ride

When you visit Martins Bike & Fitness, you can test ride an ebike and get a feel for how it handles, how comfortable it is, and how it fits you. We feel this is a very important step. We have a test ride path so you can get the real feel of how it will be to ride this bike. You can also contact us to sign up for an extended local test ride.

Shop by Brand

Martins Bike has been selling and servicing ebikes for over 45 years. We stick to reputable brands that we can service and support. See our Electric Bike Brands page to shop by brand.

See our FAQ Page

Still have questions? Should I get a Class 1 or Class 2 ebike? Where can I ride an electric bike? What about Lithium Batteries? Review our FAQ page to get answers now.

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