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Parts & Kits

Aventon Thumb Throttle
Aventon replacement thumb throttle for all models.
$19.99 - $54.99
Battery terminal RMB replacement part.
Aventon Next Gen Thumb Throttle
Aventon next gen replacement thumb throttle.
Rambo Thumb Throttle
Rambo replacement thumb throttle round 3 pin plug.
Aventon Battery Terminal For Level - v2
$39.99 $44.99 11% Off
Aventon Level-v2 battery terminal replacement part.
Giant LaFree Battery Terminal
Replacement battery Terminal for Lafree.
Giant Yamaha Integrated Speed Sensor
The Giant Speed Sensor ISS is suitable for Giant Reign E+, Trance E+, Intrigue E+ and Stance E+ models starting in 2020 with SyncDrive Pro mid-motor. With the help of the Giant Speed Sensor, the SyncDrive motor determines the speed of the rear wheel.
Giant Yamaha Speed Sensor
The Giant Speedsensor is suitable for all Yamaha mid-engines. With the help of the Giant speed sensor, the Yamaha motor determines the speed of the rear wheel. The function is comparable to the function of a bicycle speedometer, but specially adapted to the Yamaha engines. The following engines are compatible with the Giant Speedsensor: Yamaha PW engine Yamaha PW-SE motor Yamaha PW-X motor Giant SyncDrive Life motor Giant SyncDrive Sport motor Giant SyncDrive Pro motor.
Giant Battery terminal 4 pin
Battery terminal 4 pin replacement part.
Giant Giant EnergyPak 6A Fast Charger
EnergyPak 6A Fast Charger
No Image
Extend your range on your PakYak E+ with a second battery in the cargo compartment, using this adapter.
Aventon Battery For Sinch
$500.00 - $549.99 $500.00 - $550.00 On Sale
Extend your range with a secondary battery. Each battery is built with premium battery cells for long service life.
Aventon Pace 350/500 and Soltera Replacement Battery
$500.00 - $549.99 $500.00 - $550.00 On Sale
Extend your range with a secondary battery. Each battery is built with premium battery cells for long service life. Select the correct secondary battery to match your Aventon ebike for twice the fun! For use with Aventon e-bikes Lithium-Ion cells Does not come with a charger.
E-BikeKit BAJA TRIKE Motor kit no battery
Convert your Sun Baja Trike to Electric! Includes: Locking Parking Brake Levers 4-to-1 Accessory Cable (for connecting 2 brake levers) Throttle with Reverse 24" Fat Tire Wheel (built with rear direct-drive motor for use in 135mm front fork) Available with no battery for customers that want to use their own 36v or 48v battery. No Hazmat fee is charged when shipped without a battery. E-TrikeKit Adult Tricycle Conversion Kit with Heavy-Duty (Low Speed / High Torque) 500w Direct Drive Hub Motor 48 Volt Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger The E-TrikeKit electric tricycle conversion kit with a 48v lithium battery pack is specifically made with increased pulling power for heavier adult tricycles. The direct-drive hub motor is designed to deliver more low-end torque and a lower top speed; important for safety on a 3-wheeler. This premium system with a lithium battery gives high-end performance and longer overall battery life. Who's it for? This kit is built specifically for upright adult tricycles. The heavy-duty direct-drive motor is designed for increased torque and a lower top speed. This kit also has a speed-limited reverse (30% of forward top speed). The E-TrikeKit is designed specifically for adult tricycles. Upgraded in 2015 to include our LCD dashboard display, 48v 12FET controller, speed-limited reverse function, and locking e-brake handles, the system is easy to install and operate and gives the rider total control over top speeds and power output. This trike specific conversion kit allows you to turn any conventional 3-wheel adult tricycle into an electric-assisted adult mobility tricycle. System Specs Watts (Nominal/Peak): 500w / 750w (EBK 22Amp Controller) Top Speed: Approx. 14 Mph @ 48v in 26" Wheel (4 mph reverse) Range: 9-42 Miles (Based on rider's weight, input, and terrain contingent Charge Time: 3-5 Hours (From 0-100% and depending on battery choice) Weight: 5.8 lbs / 9.7 lbs / 14 lbs Performance: High Efficiency: Medium Stealth Factor: Low
Giant Battery 500W compact side pull
Yamaha battery for Giant electric bikes 500w Compact side pull
TranzX Tranz X M16 motor
$799.99 $879.99 9% Off
The M16 Central Motor series possesses a simple frame interface, integrated design and is compatible with several different battery types. Designed to hold the superior riding characteristics of a bracket motor with the competitive price of a hub-motor, the M16 series types are compatible with coaster breaks and equipped with an integrated RPM sensor and controller, making it ideal for entry-level riders. All M16 series Motors are provided with LogiX technology based on CAN bus. Weight: 3.90 kg Max. torque:65 Nm Output: 250 / 350 W
Sun Seeker E-Fat Tad Replacement Battery
REC REP BATTERY E-FAT-TAD LiON 48v/10.4Ah w/SMART-BMS/BLUETOOTH ***HAZMAT CLASS 9/UN3480/PG11/9*** HTS Number 8507.60.0020
E-BikeKit Front wheel motor kit 16
$1,030.00 - $1,640.00
E-BikeKit Front 500-1000w Direct-Drive Hub Motor Conversion Kit w/ Pedal-Assist and Throttle On Demand functions New Programmable LCD. The E-BikeKit is designed for convenience, performance, and reliability. With an LCD dashboard control panel and 48v 12FET controller, the system is easy to install and even easier to use. All E-BikeKit system components are compatible with both 36v and 48v battery packs. The controller and LCD are also compatible with all motor types offered by E-BikeKit. Your choice of battery. Motor Specs: Type: Internally Geared (brushless, and disc brake compatible) Power: 500w Nominal / > 1000w @ 48v Max Torque: 84Nm @ 48v Max RPM: 320 @ 48v Cable: 8" Axle Exit, 3-Phase / 5 Hall Effect Connector: Round 8-Pin 13/32" (10.4mm) Weight: 9.4 lbs (4.26 kg) Warranty: 1 Year (up to 48v - 300 lbs max load) Note: The geared 500w “Performance” motors feature an internal clutch to reduce drag, and can not read speed or mileage when not in use.
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